ceramic ball silicon nitride ball si3n4 ball zirconia ball zro2 ball silicon carbide ball sic ball aluminum oxide ball al2o3 ball
ceramic roller silicon nitride roller si3n4 roller zirconia roller zro2 roller
ceramic bearing silicon nitride bearing si3n4 bearing zirconia bearing zro2 bearing silicon carbide bearing sic ball aluminum oxide bearing al2o3 bearing full ceramic bearing ceramic ball bearing ceramic roller bearing
hybrid ceramic bearing hybrid ceramic ball bearing hybrid ball bearing hybrid roller bearing ceramic hybrid bearing ceramic hybrid ball bearing
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    -The Company
    -Mission Statement
  -Engineering Data  


    -Basic Properties of Materials
    -Corrosion Resistance Properties
    -Load Ratings of Ceramic Bearings
    -Life of Ceramic Bearings
    -Ball Grades
    -Tolerance of Bearings
    -Internal Clearance of Bearings
    -Shaft Tolerance
    -Housing Bore Tolerance
    -Standard Tolerance IT Grades
  -Product Range
    -Silicon Nitride Balls
    -Silicon Carbide Balls
    -Zirconia Balls
    -Aluminum Oxide Balls
    -Hybrid Ceramic Bearings
    -Full Ceramic Bearings
    -Ceramic Rollers
    -Ceramic Bushes/Sleeves
    -Ceramic Washers
    -Ceramic Bicycle Bearings
    -Ceramic Bottom Brackets
    -Ceramic Derailleur Pulleys
  -Site Map



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